Eyeliner tattoo inner corner

Eyeliner inner corner

Eyeliner Tattooed

Lower tattooed eyeliner allows you to correct the shape and "cut" the eyes thanks to introducing a specific pigment into the eyelash area. Having undergone such a procedure, girls acquire a deeper and more expressive look. That is why this technique of eyeliner procedures is in high demand.

What is lower eyelid tattooing?

It is a permanent eyeliner in which pigment is injected under the skin along the growth line of the eyelashes. In the network, you can find many photos with examples of upper and lower eyelids tattooing.

The following techniques are distinguished:

  • blending;
  • thin arrow;
  • "weave line";
  • combined.

While providing the service, the permanent makeup artist, with a fine needle, makes micro-needles and introduces under-the-skin colouring pigment through them. Permanent makeup lasts for several years and does not require frequent correction.

The specialist works only with the upper layer of skin along the growth line of eyelashes; the dye does not penetrate deep inside. With the help of a cosmetic tattooing procedure, you can draw shadows and arrows of different lengths and thicknesses and make a colour transition. You can choose black, brown, grey, or beige paint.

The skin on the lower eyelid is thinner than on the upper eyelid, so the procedure in this area is more painful. Capillaries and nerve endings are very close to the eyelid, and slight bleeding and blood may occur during permanent makeup.

Basic lower eyelid tattooing techniques

On the lower eyelid are tattooing techniques such as interlash pigmentation, thin lines, and arrows that spread.

Interlash tattooing of the lower eyelid

Inner lash tattoo of the lower eyelid or "inner lash" - a technique in which the master fills the space between the hairs with colouring pigment. This is the most common type of permanent makeup because after it visually increases the density of eyelashes, eyes become more expressive but not so flashy.

Lower eyelid tattooing with an arrow

A lower eyelid tattoo with an arrow will not suit everyone. This permanent makeup technique should not be done at the lowered corners or ptosis. With age-related changes and wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, the arrow will only draw more attention to the problem area.

Specialists advise:

  • Make thin arrows; this option will be more practical in everyday life. If necessary to create a bright evening image, they can be increased with the help of conventional cosmetics.
  • The tattoo of the lower eyelid should be thinner than the upper one. Otherwise, there is a high probability of getting an artificially weighted look. However, if you are a young girl and want to look as bright as possible, this permanent makeup will suit you.
  • For older women, it is desirable not to make thick arrows, as they will be unnecessarily highlighted. Thin lines with a slight thickening at the tips of the eyes will look more organic.

You can also choose any pigment colour for tattooing. Black shade will look more flashy, unlike grey or beige. In the pursuit of brightness, it is essential not to overdo it. Choosing the pigment under the natural colour of your eyelashes is desirable. This way, permanent eye makeup will look more natural.

Lower eyelid tattoo with spreading

Lower eyelid tattooing with a blur looks very natural. This technique applies a thin arrow with blurred edges, visually resembling a shadow. Thanks to this, the outer corners of the eyes are highlighted, and the look becomes more profound and open.

At the initial consultation, it is necessary to discuss all the details with the master and choose the permanent makeup technique that will suit you best. It is desirable to find a compromise between your wishes and the professional vision of the specialist.

The choice of one or another technique of tattooing the lower and upper eyelid with a spreading effect:

  • age;
  • skin condition;
  • eye shape;
  • the presence of wrinkles.

A qualified specialist can choose a permanent makeup technique tailored to your characteristics.

Contraindications to the procedure

The procedure of permanent makeup treatment on the lower eyelid involves damage to the skin with multiple micro-incisions. Therefore, this service is undesirable if you have:

  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • tendency to allergic reactions;
  • acute viral or infectious diseases;
  • benign or malignant tumour lesions;
  • anaemia;
  • 2nd or 3rd degree diabetes mellitus;
  • epilepsy and other serious neurological diseases;
  • pregnancy or lactation.

It is also desirable not to do permanent makeup before and during menstruation. During this period, there is a hormonal surge in the body. Consequently, the pain threshold increases, the procedure is more painful than usual, and swelling from the eyes lasts longer.

How the procedure of tattooing of the lower eyelid is carried out

Before starting the cosmetic tattoo process, it is necessary to familiarise yourself with the subtleties of its implementation and possible negative consequences.

Step 1: Consultation and pigment test

At first, it is necessary to discuss all the details of the procedure and decide on the technique of permanent makeup and pigment colour. A properly selected specialist will consider all your wishes and give you professional recommendations, which will help you improve the final result. In this case, it is desirable to trust his experience of the master surface's proportions and features.

There is no universal technique that would suit absolutely everyone. For a complete picture, it is desirable to familiarise yourself with examples of work and find photos of "before" and "after" women who have done tattooing of the lower eyelid with and without extensions.

After choosing the permanent makeup technique, it should be determined with pigment. Even if you have purchased a high-quality composition, it can cause an allergic reaction. To prevent negative consequences, a test is first carried out. To do this, you need to apply a small amount of paint on the inside of the hand and wait for a while.

If there is redness and itching, this pigment is not recommended to use. If there is no adverse reaction, you can appoint the date of tattooing of the lower eyelid. It is also necessary to consider the day of your menstrual cycle, as the hormonal background in specific periods affects the pain threshold and may cause additional discomfort during the service.

Step 2: Preliminary makeup

Before starting the procedure, the master marks the area for the subsequent application of permanent makeup with pigment. Cosmetic products like pencils, tattooed eyeliner and shadows are not used at this stage. As a rule, they are applied only during the initial consultation to choose the technique and length of arrows.

After applying the visage, the master should outline the points as a dotted line, which will help him accurately observe the line. When performing interlash tattooing, the stage of preliminary visage is critical since this technique is carried out on thin skin very close to the mucous membrane of the eye, so there is a high probability of accidentally deviating from the set trajectory.

Step 3: Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia is applied to reduce discomfort during the lower eyelid tattoo procedure. As a rule, this is a cream applied to the area around the eyes shortly before the start of the service.

Tattooed Eyeliner

Depending on the body's characteristics, this remedy may have a decent effect and will not work on someone. Therefore, it is impossible to completely exclude unpleasant, painful sensations during permanent makeup.

Step 4: Lower eyelid tattooing

After the anaesthesia has begun to act, the master proceeds directly to permanent makeup. Depending on the chosen technique and its complexity, the time of the procedure may vary. As a rule, only the upper layer of the skin is involved.

The maximum depth of penetration of pigment is 0.5-0.7 mm. This is the generally accepted norm; if it is not observed, the colour penetrates too deeply into the skin layers and can remain there for a long time, and its removal and further correction of the shape will be almost impossible.

Step 5: Application of healing cream

After applying the pigment, the master uses a solution to disinfect the damaged skin and remove excess dye. Then, he applies a composition with a healing effect to the area around the eyes. This product has a disinfectant property and helps to relieve swelling.

After tattooing, following the specialist's recommendations on eye skin care is essential. During rehabilitation, it is necessary to refrain from using untested therapeutic agents. If you follow all the rules, the result will please you for a long time.

Care after the lower eyelid tattoo procedure

After permanent makeup, special care for the damaged skin is not required. Minor swelling and redness will disappear two to three days after the procedure. After 4-5 days, the skin and areas with pigment will form a crust, which should then dry up and fall off. Getting rid of it yourself is not recommended, as it is fraught with the formation of scars on the skin.

Here are a few rules that should be observed during the rehabilitation period:

  • Regularly treat the damaged skin with antiseptic agents to prevent infection.
    Temporarily refrain from sunbathing or visiting baths and saunas. Do not take a bath with hot water.
  • Avoid damaging the skin around the eyes, as infection may occur.
  • When washing your face, use bottled or filtered water. You can also use alcohol-free cosmetic milk. When wiping with a towel, try not to rub the skin too hard to avoid damaging it.
  • If a crust forms on the damaged skin, do not try to remove it yourself. It will remove itself after a while. We recommend using anaesthetic agents if you still have painful sensations due to increased skin sensitivity.
  • Refusing any cosmetic products for a week after the procedure is desirable.
  • Try not to rub your eyes with your hands, as you can damage the skin of the eyelids.

If you follow all the above recommendations, the rehabilitation period will pass quickly and painlessly, and the procedure result will please you for a long time.

Immediately after tattooing the lower eyelid, the applied colour will be bright. About two weeks later, once the healing process is complete, the colour of the pigment will take the desired shade.

Choosing a master of lower eyelid tattooing is crucial

Selecting a specialist responsibly is necessary before carrying out the permanent makeup procedure. We recommend contacting only specialised beauty salons and asking about the master's qualifications. You should not use this service "at home", as it can negatively affect the final result.

The price of the lower eyelid tattooing is high, but in this case, it is better not to save money.

Remember that in the case of an unsuccessful procedure, correction or reduction of the applied pigment will cost even more.

Before the first consultation with the master, draw arrows on your eyes to show the desired result. If you plan to extend eyelashes, use temporarily false eyelashes so the specialist can choose the most suitable length of arrows for you.

There is a perception that after tattooing with a lower eyelid extension, eyelashes may fall out. The colouring pigment affects only the upper layer of the skin, while the hair follicle is much deeper and can not be damaged in any way during the procedure. If you are worried about possible adverse effects on the body, we advise you to read reviews of women who have done permanent makeup.

If you decide to make a tattoo of the lower eyelid and listen to all our recommendations, the excellent result will please you for a long time. You will not need to spend much time in the morning on makeup, and your eyes will be beautiful and expressive at any time of day and in any weather conditions.