Eyeliner tattoo tips

Modern women have such a high pace of life that they do not always have time to look after themselves and perform daily duties. However, each representative of the fair sex wants to be beautiful always, regardless of the situation and time of day. And in this case, the main helper is makeup. If there is not enough time for it, you can use such a procedure as tattooed eyeliner. For some people today, it is the only way to look stylish, bright and natural everywhere consistently.

Eyeliner Permanent

The essence of the eyeliner procedure

A permanent eyeliner tattoo is a cosmetic procedure during which pigment is introduced in the middle layers of the skin. The process is somewhat similar to the application of a tattoo, but the depth of penetration of the needle is less. The dye stays under the skin for 2-3 years, after which it begins to fade.


Pros and cons of cosmetic tattooing

According to the reviews of girls who have undergone this procedure, you can only make sure that permanent eye colouring has quite a lot of pluses:

  • Makeup does not lose brightness
    And even without the application of other cosmetics.
  • It doesn't wash off with water,
    does not spread during hot weather, and does not lose its qualities in any weather.
  • Significantly reduces the time needed to get ready
    as there is no need to sit in front of the mirror for hours and apply makeup.
  • It has a natural look
    . However, adding a little decorative element can easily be turned into an evening look.
  • Allows correcting facial features without surgical intervention
    - This is probably the main distinguishing feature of permanent eye makeup.

Negative aspects of permanent eye colouring:

  • Possible allergy to the dye, so the specialist must do a test before proceeding with the procedure.
  • Swelling
    for the first few days.
  • A pretty
    lengthy recovery period
    (up to 3 weeks).
  • In some cases, it may appear

  • Proper
    care of the inflamed skin
    during the rehabilitation period.
  • Over time.
    The colour begins to fade.

    Tattooing stays on for a long time.
    In contrast to age, fashion, looks and tastes.
  • You must resort to chemicals or lasers to remove permanent makeup (if it is made poorly or dull).

Types of eye tattooing

A wide variety of techniques permanent eyeliner styles characterise permanent eye makeup. Some methods aim to obtain a spectacular, bright image, while others seek to create the most natural appearance. To understand what the client wants and how to fulfil this desire in life better, the master of cosmetological services must own a large set of methods and be well aware of their capabilities and disadvantages.

Upper eyelid tattooing

This area essentially creates the effect of "bottomless eyes", making them look mysterious and alluring. Not surprisingly, the upper eyelid has many techniques by which the permanent is applied. Here are the most common options:

  • Colouring the space between the lashes. This option looks the most natural and inconspicuous while making the eyelashes visually thicker. Another advantage of this method is its combination with any additional makeup.

The effect resembles the result of eyeliner with a pencil.

  • Colouring with spreading. In this case, a neat transition is made from a lighter colour in the inner corners of the eyes to more saturated shades on the outer sides of the eyelids.

The result of this variant of cosmetic eyeliner tattoo resembles the application of shadows.

  • Shadow tattooing. This is the most complex colouring, resembling evening makeup in effect. Properly selected shades and soft spreading help to hide fine lines and make the eyelids less "heavy". However, this permanent will look natural only in combination with impeccable clothes, accessories and makeup.

Experts in cosmetology do not recommend chasing fashion when choosing a variant of eyelid tattooing. Striving to make eyes "like a star, " it is easy to be disappointed in the result when the fashion trends change in a year or two.

When choosing a particular option, one should be attentive to its relevance. There is no point in doing shadow tattooing if you do not make daily outings. Adhering to the natural colour type of appearance is also very important. Too dark permanent on the face of a blonde with freckles and naturally light eyelashes will look unnatural.

Lower eyelid tattooing

The lower eyelid is tattooed less often. In most cases, in this area, only inter-eyelid colouring is done. Bright colours on the lower eyelid create a feeling of "bags under the eyes", aging the face.

Arrow tattooing

Another critical component of permanent eye makeup. An essential purpose of arrows is - the visual correction of eye shape flaws. Properly selected width, brightness and curve of the lines coming from the corners of the eyes will hide too close or wide, correcting the impression of small eyes or eyes "rolling out".

Thin, neat arrows will lift the corners of the eyes, hide expression lines, and help to lose a few years visually.

Which permanent eyeliner styles to choose

To understand what kind of cosmetic tattoos to do and how to change the shape, you need to know the eye's vertical and horizontal axes. It is necessary to draw an imaginary vertical line through the pupil (its centre) and a horizontal line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one.

Pay attention to the vertical axis, whether there is a displacement to the side and in what direction. The eyelash line can determine this. It rises from the corner, reaches the peak and begins to decline. Now, the vertical line should be inclined to pass through the highest point.

Eventually, the vertical line crosses the pupil in the centre, the lowest point and the upper peak. The eye is divided into ascending and descending sequences on the lower and upper eyelid.

The correct shape of the eye can be said when the ascending lines prevail over the falling bars and the horizontal line is raised or straight. This effect can be achieved with eyelid tattooing, darkening the falling lines with an arrow.

It would be best if you also considered the cut of your eyes for proper makeup application:

The almond shape
When the height is half the length of the eye, in this case, most of the size is on the upper part of the eye.

Round shape
- height is more than ½ the length of the eye.

Narrow shape
- height is less than half the length of the eye.

In addition, you should determine the fit of the eye (wide, close or regular). Also, consider the rising point on the lash's upper edge. For blondes, it is better to draw arrows. With fair skin, it is recommended to choose grey or brown shades. This allows you to hide the hand with makeup if necessary.

Tattooing arrows refer more to decorative elements of makeup. This technique allows you to correct the shape of the eye visually's body and look like eyeliner. The hand is drawn above the level of the eyelashes.

Permanent Eyeliner

Tattooing performed by a professional allows you to give the eye the desired shape and visually enlarge or reduce the cut of the eye. In addition, this procedure will enable you to save a significant amount of time for morning procedures, giving your eyes a beautiful appearance around the clock.

How to make arrows on the eyes with tattooing according to the direction of the tail:

With a drooping tip, an arrow drawn upwards will help increase the eye's height.

A straight arrow will "pull out" the direction in the case of a rounded eye shape.
The direction of the arrow should not be lower than the horizon line or middle. Otherwise, it will spoil the shape.

If you need to bypass the overhanging eyelids, you should lengthen the eyelash contour and draw an arrow that will not cross the fold of the eyelid. This will increase the length of the eye. If a woman has an overhanging eyelid, the intercostal space is filled. You can resort to such a procedure as eye tattooing, spreading over the eyelashes and slightly thickening at the end. The arrow, in this case, should be delicate and small.

When drawing the makeup, the client should look straight before himself without raising eyebrows. Otherwise, it will not be possible to make an even arrow.

If the distance between the eyes is approximately equal to the width of one vision.

This is considered a standard form of fit. In this case, you can use intercostal colouring and a raised arrow, which will start from the inner eye, and tattooing with spreading. The choice of how to apply makeup will depend on the shape of the eyes and the slope of the vertical visual axis.

If the landing is close, the distance is less than the width of the eye.

In this case, actions are directed to expand this space. Drawing affects only the outer corner, and the inner one is not touched. Arrows are drawn from the point of ascent to half of the eye. This allows to make the close fit of the eyes less noticeable.

If the eyes are wide.

If the distance between the eyes is too large, the drawing should affect only the inner corners. That is, the arrow should not be on the outside.

If the corners of the eyes are lowered.

In this case, the arrow is made in such a way that thickening occurs at the outer corner of the eye. An internal drawing is allowed, but the line should be almost invisible. This will enable you to lift the lowered corners visually.

When the eyes have more falling lines than rising lines, we can talk about a "sad" form. In this case, a shift of the axis to the outer corners of the iris will be required. The arrow is extended to the outer corner of the eye, and the tip is raised.

If the eyes are wide apart.

If the distance between the eyes is too great, the drawing should affect only the inner corners. That is, the arrow should not be on the outer side.

If the corners of the eyes are lowered.

In this case, the arrow is made so that the thickening falls on the outer corner of the eye. An internal drawing is allowed, but the line should be almost invisible. This will enable you to lift the lowered corners visually.

When there are more descending lines in the eyes than rising, we can talk about a "sad" form. In this case, an axis shift to the outer corners of the iris will be required. The arrow is extended to the outer corner of the eye, and its tip is raised.